Willpower vs. Resilience

According to the dictionary, Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulty.

Resilience is pushing through the resistance that comes up when making a change, never giving up, and persevering regardless of the obstacles in your way.

In my experience, replacing Willpower with Resilience will allow you to bust through the blocks holding you back from reaching your goals and break self-sabotaging behaviors that are keeping you stuck.

Willpower to me, means you have to will-through and fight hard. You have to be strong and stern with yourself. Resilience means, you are a powerful force with a relentless drive to continue moving forward.



You can use all of the willpower you have, but it won’t overpower your subconscious mind and habitual patterns you’ve been conditioned to engage in. Resilience however, means you are the CREATOR! You have the power to create new habits and change the course of your day, because you have a powerful drive, are consistent and patient, and you allow resistance to flow and move through, as it comes.

Replace Willpower with Resilience and BECOME the creator!


XO Stephanie


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