Why losing weight is not one of my resolutions…

“Stop glorifying weight loss like it’s the most impressive thing a human can do.” -Unknown

I read this quote recently and it came to mind as I sat with a pen and paper writing down my goals for 2019.

For the past 20 years of my life my New Year’s resolution revolved around diets and losing weight.

This year some of my goals are health related, but focused on abundance, fulfillment, happiness and growth. I set a fitness goal to increase my strength by staying committed to a lifting routine, but unlike years past, my focus is not on my appearance, but about what it will help me do and accomplish.

Staying committed to a fitness routine will make me feel better, give me some “mama time” (necessary for sanity), and help me be a better Mom, because when I start my day with a workout I’m always much more energized, productive and happy – not to mention, building strength is a necessity for carrying around my growing girl!

So if your resolutions are health related, think about the benefits and what positives they will add to your life, instead of a specific number on the scale or jean size, which doesn’t hold any real value.

Are you drinking more water and going to bed earlier so you have more energy to chase around your toddler?

Are you eating more filling balanced meals throughout the day so you’re no longer binge eating at night and can wake up energized ready to tackle the day, instead of lethargic, guilty and sad?

Think about what other non-health related resolutions that are important to you, like following a passion that you might have been scared to pursue. Trying a new hobby that will allow you tap into your creativity or connect with a friend. Committing to a meditation practice for 10 minutes per day that will allow you to be present and connect with your innermost desires.

These type of resolutions are ones worth celebrating! Because a certain number on the scale won’t bring you more joy, happiness, or love – whatever it is you TRULY desire within.

Wishing you much health and joy this new year!

XO Stephanie

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