The Key to Lasting Change: Self-Connection and Self-Trust

My life was once run by anxiety, fear, self-doubt, restricting and binging, over-exercising, self-sabotage, negative-thinking, over-analyzing, perfectionism, and control.

I made the commitment and dedication to self-improvement and creating a more fulfilling life than the one I was living. The two key components that helped me find my way…

Self-Connection & Self-Trust

In order to overcome depression, anxiety and food and body obsession, I needed to CONNECT with myself on a deeper level and begin listening to my body, intuition and true wisdom within.

I had to let go of everything that was keeping my stuck, which I once thought was good for me and keeping me safe (like striving for perfection). I needed to take a leap of faith and TRUST myself, trust that I was worthy of greatness, and trust the process of healing.

Through Self-Connection:Mindfulness, meditation, prayer, stillness, breath-work, being in nature, visualization, mantras, movement, and self-care, I became a better listener and began exploring my spirituality again, opening myself up to receive guidance and blessings.

Through Self-Trust:Acceptance, forgiveness, following my intuition, listening to my body, honoring my hunger and fullness cues, believing in myself, and positive affirmations, I was able to let go of anxiety around food, worry about the future, and fear of letting go of control.

Through self-connection and self-trust, my life is no longer run by anxiety, fear and self-sabotage. I feel worthy, abundant, hopeful, joyful, energetic, and peaceful. It’s an incredible feeling knowing that I am the creator of my life, as long as I continue to stay connected and trust in myself.


XO Peace & Love, Stephanie

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