The Healing Power of Yoga

For the past year, Yoga has been a crucial part of my healing.

My flexibility and strength has increased, both mind and body.

Holding difficult poses for longer than my mind wants, allows me to embrace discomfort and teaches me that vulnerability doesn’t mean you are weak. It means you are stronger than you think.

Through deep breathing, I am able to let go of any stressors that are present. I exhale self-doubt, anger, and fear, and inhale love, light and calm.

I release all built up tension, clearing space to receive. I leave my mat feeling lighter, more open, and filled with gratitude.

I’ve learned to connect, listen and trust my intuition on a much deeper level.

I am grateful for my Doctor who told me to slow down or I’d never be able to grow my family.

Yoga allowed me to receive my miracle and continues to be a crucial part of my healing.

If you feel stuck, sad, anxious, depressed, unhealthy (mind and body), give Yoga a try. It has truly changed me.



Namaste, XO Stephanie

2 thoughts on “The Healing Power of Yoga

  1. I called it the stretch and breathe. It has helped me a lot. It was nice to read about your experience. I can relate to the lighter and flexible you,…..and also the calmer mind. Continue inspiring dear.

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