The Biggest Lessons Pregnancy Has Taught Me About My Body

My beautiful Daughter Daisy Marie was born on September 10, 2018 weighing in at 9lb 9.8oz and 21.25 inches long.

I am in awe at what my body was capable of delivering a bigger than average baby and how fast my body is healing, sleep deprived and all!

Surprisingly, I have no desire to jump back into exercise or follow any type of diet to get my body back to where it was. In fact I welcome the rest and am trying to eat more (than ever) to keep my milk supply up.

Although I don’t have much weight to lose, my clothes don’t fit like they used to and my postpartum body has a lot less muscle mass. Although I was active throughout my pregnancy which helped, I do look forward to building my strength back up, resume my hot yoga classes, and maybe even start running again. But, I am in no rush to begin.

Prior to fertility treatments and getting pregnant, I lived and breathed fitness, lifting weights, and eating clean. I had a rigid schedule and high body standards. I am so proud that my mindset and priorities have shifted and I have this challenging journey to thank.

This pregnancy saved me.

Instead of rushing to get back into pre-baby shape, I am slowing down and cherishing every moment with my daughter.

The gym will always be there, but my daughter won’t be this little forever. My health is still a huge prioroty during this time though, so I’m focusing on drinking a ton of water, doing easy pelvic floor exercises, stretching, and eating a lot of whole nourishing foods (incredibly important for breastfeeding).

Pregnancy has taught me:

  • I can trust my body, my body is resilient and my body knows best.
  • Always follow and listen to your intuition in regards to how you move your body and how to fuel it.
  • Move a lot, but rest more.
  • Your mindset affects your mood and decisions. So focus on the positive!
  • NOT having a plan is actually better.

I am so proud of my body and am embracing where I am in this moment, without focusing on where I want to be, because this time is so very precious and I dont want to miss out on any of it. 


XO Stephanie

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