Stop Dieting & Realize Your Potential

Think about what life would be like if you never went on your first diet?

What would it feel like to live free from food and body obsession?

Who would you be without negative thoughts about your body or anxiety around food?

How much free space would you have if you weren’t spending so much time researching diets, meal planning and counting calories?

What new passions would you follow with this extra time?

What could you create with all this free space?

Wouldn’t it feel amazing no longer waking up with a drive to lose weight, but instead waking up with a clear mind and vision for your future? 

Without these obsessive thoughts running your life, you’ll realize how POWERFUL you are and your potential to live an abundant filled-life with meaning and purpose.

Imagine waking up excited for the day ahead and laying down at night realizing, “WOW, I didn’t even think of food or my body size at all today”, because you were too busy enjoying your life!

So as you prepare for the Summer months ahead, instead of searching for the next diet or cleanse you need to follow, to manipulate your size to be “beach ready”, try letting go of the dieters-mentality. Focus on feeling healthy and happy, following your passions, enjoying time with the people you love, going on adventures, traveling, being more creative, living in the present moment and expanding your horizons.

It’s scary letting go of dieting, controlling, tracking and planning, but once you do, you’ll be able to clear space to create MAGIC for your life!


XO Stephanie

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