Summer: A Fresh Start

Happy Summer Solstice! The first day of Summer; my absolute favorite time of year, where I feel the most happy, energetic and alive!

I feel an instant boost in my mood, I’m more social, creative and focused on my goals.

I think what makes it much more special, is the fact that I live in New England and brave the LONG cold, never-ending Winters! It makes me appreciate the warm days so much more, like the sunshine after the rain or the view at the top of the mountain after a hard climb.

To me, the first day of Summer feels more like New Year’s Day than January 1st. I feel like it’s a fresh start and I’m more motivated and inspired to accomplish things I’ve been putting off. With the warm weather, I am more active, eating better, and feeling better! I spend as much of my day outdoors as I can and feed off of nature for inspiration and creativity.

My light from within shines brighter. I am nicer to people and to myself.

Just like most people would make a New Year’s Resolution, I have created a list of Summer Promises to myself, which aren’t your typical: lose weight, stick to a diet, and exercise more.

My Summer Promises

  • Spend time in nature every day
  • Spend more quality time with people I love
  • Stop sweating the small stuff
  • Allow negative thoughts to come and go…without giving them any power
  • Stop doubting my potential
  • Be a better listener
  • Hike a new trail each week
  • Have better sex, and more of it (sorry Mom)
  • Increase my earnings $$$
  • Face my fears head on/stepping outside of my comfort zone more often
  • Continue with healthy habits, without restriction
  • Eat more ice cream…guilt free

I encourage you to create your list of Summer Promises and let your light shine bright this season! Take advantage of the longer days, sunshine, and memories to be made!

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XO Peace & Love, Stephanie

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