Staying Grounded during times of uncertainty: the root chakra

I have been studying the Chakras (vortexes of life energy placed at 7 different points on the spinal column) as part of an assignment for my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and was originally drawn to write about the Sacral and Throat chakra as I feel these both resonated with me and where I feel I am most deficient or unbalanced, but with the current circumstances and being house-bound, working from home and social distancing this past week, I have come to find the first Chakra feeling unbalanced more than ever. I think this may be the case for many people.

The first Chakra, located at the base of the spine, the foundation of the entire chakra system, the Muladhara, Grounding or root support, represents how we relate to our physical realm: our bodies, our homes, our environment, work, and finances. It is our survival center built through our need for foundation, nurturing, safety and security. Humans have craved feeling secure and grounded since birth. When we were babies we’d cry and our Mother’s would hold us, kiss us, rock us, and feed us, making us feel loved, safe and taken care of. Humans thrive off certainty. This certainty helps us build trust and feel secure. What do we need to feel safe and secure? The basics: Food, water, shelter, connection, and love. That much is absolutely certain.

Our ego created an illusion that control equals certainty. This is why when things feel out of control, our anxiety heightens, we lose focus on what’s important, we stop living in the present moment and begin worrying about the future. We tend to be codependent on others to feel reassured and safe, wanting to know that everything is going to be okay.

It’s an important reminder during these uncertain times to come back to the basics:

  • Take good care of your body by hydrating and nourishing it with whole, healthy foods.
  • Show compassion and love for your body for keeping you healthy and strong. Appreciate all that is does for you every day and the fact that it’s equipped with all you need: to see, hear, move, feel and heal.
  • Honor what your body truly needs in the moment: rest, movement, yoga, to cry, to laugh, or a warm embrace.
  • Treat your home as your sanctuary using this free time to clean, declutter, organize, and be grateful you have a home.
  • Cherish the time and ability to be still in a typical fast-paced, overworked society.
  • Meditate to ease anxiety: practice presence in the here and now, letting go of worry of the future.
  • Tune into the abundance of love that’s always available to you. Be loving towards yourself and extend love to others, even strangers. Love is always certain.

As the final Chakra in the descending current, through the Grounding Chakra, is where we can manifest. In order to fully manifest, we must ground our energy into the Earth. (Chakra Balancing Workbook – Anodea Judith)

It has been an incredibly stressful time for me and my family, learning that my husband just got laid off. I worry about what the future holds for us. How will we survive financially, pay our bills, afford food, our mortgage and daycare? What keeps me sane is coming back to myself, my breath, moving and connecting to my body, positive mantras and affirmations, and knowing that I am not alone in this. Many families are going through the same hardships and this is all just temporary. I can’t allow worry and fear of the unknown to affect my health and well-being. I am trying to stay present in the moment, while mapping out a plan for the future so that I feel safe. I am enjoying extra quality time with my children. I am baking, reading, practicing Yoga and grounding exercises at home, meditating, making sure I go outside and connect with nature at least once per day, and asking my husband to massage my feet 😊 – all ways to help balance the first Chakra.

These Yoga poses have been helping me stay grounded:

  • Knee to chest pose (Apansana)
  • Chair pose (Utkatasana)
  • Malasana
  • Mountain pose
  • Childs pose
  • Bridge

My daily affirmation has been, “May I be able to nourish and nurture myself, be grounded, stable, and feel connected to the oneness of the Universe. I am safe, secure, hopeful, healthy and at ease.”

I will do my best to continue to stay grounded, present, hopeful and at peace, knowing that this place of uncertainty will not last forever.

Stay safe & healthy. This too shall pass.

XO Stephanie

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