Signs Are Everywhere: Open Yourself Up to Receive

It’s been quite the magical experience, as I’ve begun my journey of self-discovery, connecting with my intuition through meditation and deepening my spiritual connection. The more I connect with myself on this deeper level, the more I open myself up receive blessings and signs intended for me.

Just a few days ago, after three Nor’easters in a row, my lawn was covered in snow. Yesterday, it hit 55 degrees, which melted the snow and exposed one single purple wildflower. How incredible! I thought that this was a beautiful sign for where I am right now in my life. This year I have gone through many struggles, but have been becoming stronger and stronger, growing and expanding, and now I finally see the light!

Just like this perfect little flower.


In addition to this amazing sign, I’ve been seeing the consecutive numbers 555 every day these past two weeks. I researched the spiritual meaning behind these numbers and read that these are Angel numbers, signifying a new wave of energy, in preparation for big changes. A change or shift in my life is coming, and this is an important reminder from the Universe to stay the course and continue to pursue my goals and soul’s calling, move through resistance and embrace it all.

The signs remind me to step into my light and stay focused on my intentions, with reassurance that the Universe is supporting me in my dreams, desires and goals. The changes coming will bring me into greater alignment with my soul purpose.

This is also a great reminder that I am on the right path, in my healing journey, as I have been working diligently on releasing old self-sabotaging behaviors, negative thought patterns, and letting go of fear that has kept me stuck for so long. The more I loosen up on the control, rules and perfection, the easier it will be for more flow, opportunities, and abundance to come my way.

I am trusting that the Universe has my back, but I also need to take consistent action on the steps I need to make to support change and the path intended for my life.

Signs are all around us, we just need to open ourselves up to receive them. These signs remind us that we are always connected to Source and we are always being guided.

Open your heart,

Xo Stephanie

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