Self-Love Comes From the Inside, Not From a Diet

I was inspired by my beautiful friend to write this blog post, who suffered for years with anxiety and disordered eating, and found herself in the lowest place in her life two years ago. She was extremely depressed, not wanting to get out of bed, isolating herself, and using food and alcohol to numb her pain. At the lowest point in her life, she made a big decision to change her life. And SHE DID! She lost over 100lbs!

Lately though, she’s been feeling a bit discouraged, thinking she is “falling off the wagon”, reverting back to her old ways of being, not wanting to socialize or look in the mirror and beating herself up for not eating as well as she should and not exercising consistently. She’s scared she is going backwards. So, she was called to pull out old photos from exactly two years ago as a reminder of how far she’s come.

I reminded her that looking back at her old self has very little to do with the extra 100lbs and not wanting to put the weight back on. It’s so much more about living a more fulfilling life; happier, healthier, more energetic, joyful, and abundant. Living a life she deserves, FREE from anxiety, depression, self-sabotage and shame, which you can read all over the face of her old self.

“Slip-ups” happen because we are human, but it’s the peace you cultivate from within that will get you through the hard times.

It’s not about sticking to a certain diet and striving for skinny. It’s about being compassionate and kind to yourself, loving yourself wholeheartedly, nourishing your body, eating in a way that feels good, moving in a way that feels good, and looking forward (not backwards) believing that your future is bright.

Instead of obsessing about gaining even 1 pound back from the 100 lost, it’s about letting go of control. When you let go of control, you let go of the struggle. Without control, you’ll feel less stressed, have less anxiety and there won’t be any strict rules to follow.


I encourage my sweet friend to stop looking back, let go of any worry about the future and take each day as it comes, with a lot of compassion, acceptance and love. She knows what feels best for her body and by honoring that, she will remain in a healthy and happy place. When you honor your body and let go of control, there is no need to live in fear about “messing up”. She is incredibly strong, courageous, inspiring and more powerful than she knows.  She deserves lifelong peace and happiness that can be found from within, when you love yourself wholeheartedly.

Finding peace from within is my one true hope for her and anyone else struggling to accept themselves.

My dear friend, I am SO proud of you.


XO Lots of Love -Stephanie

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