Restrictive Eating Leads to Reactive Eating

I wrote this quote on the inside cover of my journal at the beginning of my recovery and it’s something I come back to a lot and remind my clients of often.

Before you jump on the bandwagon to follow a certain diet, like Keto for example, which strictly limits carbohydrates, remember this:

Restrictive Eating leads to Reactive Eating.

It may work short term, but any diet that cuts out whole food groups, restricting what you can and can’t eat will result is reactive eating…eventually.

What do I mean by reactive eating?

Over eating when your will power goes out the window, throwing in the towel at times of stress or weakness, OR binge eating uncontrollably on foods you’ve deprived yourself of…on top of feeling anxious around food and constantly thinking about food!

I no longer binge eat because I no longer restrict myself. During my binge-eating days, it was my body (and mind) reacting to deprivation.

So instead of cutting out whole food groups, find and create a plan with the right ratio of foods that work best for you to function optimally, not feel restricted, and help you reach your goals.

How do you do that? A PERSONALIZED plan, instead of a cookie cutter diet plan, because one size does NOT fit all!


XO Peace & Love, Stephanie

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