Quit Settling! Steps to help you LIVE the life you desire

Quit settling.

-Staying in the same boring job, because you think you’re not worthy of following your passion.

-Continuing to self-sabotage and use food to numb, because you hate your body.

-Hopping onto the next diet, when you know diets don’t work.

-Staying in a relationship that is no longer fulfilling your needs.

-Living out the same boring routine day after day, because you are afraid to take chances.

-Living in a constant state of stress.

You’re worth more than that.

If you feel a strong calling that you should be living a more meaningful life, but feel stuck, not knowing  where to begin…start with these easy steps:

-Keep a Journal

  • Write down one word each morning you want to embody (Love, Joy, Abundance, Happiness, Health, Limitless, Fearless, Hopeful, Successful…to name a few)
  • Write down a list of the top 10 things you would do if money wasn’t an issue and fear and self-doubt were non-existent (read it daily).
  • Write down a list of hobbies you enjoy and want to do more of.
  • Write down a list of things in your life that are NO longer serving you…then BURN it! … Let it go!
  • Write down a Gratitude List each night.

-Practice 10 minutes of mindful breathing numerous times throughout the day, allowing your intuition to speak.

-Practice daily “I AM” Mantras every time you are driving or in the shower (“I am a successful entrepreneur”, “I am at peace in my body”, “I am worthy”, etc.) Repeat over and over.

-Once per day, be in nature. Even if you are leaving your house to walk to your car. Pause and look up at the sky. Feel the sun on your face and the Earth below, grounding you (this is a magical reminder that you are being supported).

-Commit to 1 self-care practice per day, whether it’s exercise, warm bath, massage, manicure, or dancing in the mirror. Take care of you!

-Write a Vision Statement declaring how you want to feel, who you want to embody, what you want to accomplish and what you will gain. Don’t skip this step! The more you hold your Vision, especially when times get tough, the easier it will be to continue moving forward.

With these practices, you’ll become more connected with yourself and your true desires, listening in on what your intuition is telling you. You will be better able to push through blocks, release negative beliefs, stop sabotaging behaviors, and clear a path to living a life aligned with your true self.

The more you are tapping into your intuition, instead of settling, the clearer your vision will become. With a clear mind, you can begin taking action on the things you desire most, stepping outside of your comfort zone and leading from soulful place.

Our time here on Earth is precious. You are worth the commitment!


XO Stephanie

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