Making the Best Decisions for your Kids in a Toxic Environment

It seems as though everything is bad for you these days, from chemicals in sunscreen, to pesticides in conventional (non-organic) fruits and vegetables, to toxins in plastic containers. It can be so overwhelming living in a “toxic” environment and making the right decisions to protect ourselves and our babies!

It keeps me up at night thinking about giving my Daughter cow’s milk once I stop nursing her and I felt a load of guilt when I sprayed her with Banana Boat sunscreen after seeing her get a little red from an “all natural” brand.

I want both of my kids and family to be as healthy as can be, so I prep and cook food for them, buying mostly organic and limiting processed foods as much as possible, using all natural household cleaners and beauty products and made the switch from plastic to glass containers, but am I doing enough?

My Son is now 12 years old and it’s impossible for me to control what he consumes at this age, all the time. I make sure when he is home he is eating organic, fresh whole foods, but when he is out with his friends and buys a slurpy from 7/11 or eats Oreos as a snack, I have to let go of any feelings of guilt just like I have let go the need to be perfect all of the time.

As long as I continue to do my best 90% of the time, allowing 10% wiggle room for dinners outside of my home and reminding myself an occasional package of skittles is not going to make or break my health or the health of my children, then I can let go of any worry or guilt associated.

I wish we lived in a world where we didn’t have to worry about where our food is coming from or how many chemicals are in a bottle of lotion. There are also so many unknowns in regards to the impact on our health and causes of future harm and although I can’t promise I won’t still be cautious, I refuse to live in fear. I know I am doing my best and that’s all that matters.

I am curious to know…

Am I alone in this or do YOU think about these things too?

XO Stephanie

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