Learning to Trust Yourself by Releasing Old Stories

I never trusted myself.

I didn’t trust myself alone around food in times I felt stressed or tired.  I didn’t trust that I could go to a party surrounded by “forbidden” foods without having anxiety. I didn’t trust myself enough to let go of a dieter’s mentality, or trust that I could overcome the battle against food and my body. I didn’t trust myself, because I didn’t believe that I was worthy, loveable, pretty enough, skinny enough, or good enough. I didn’t believe I could be successful and live a happier more abundant life, free from anxiety and fears.

We all have a story about ourselves based on beliefs engrained in us as a child, fears, self-doubts, and experiences. These stories are a combination of the subconscious thought patterns and limiting beliefs that keep us small. We must let go of these stories, replacing them with TRUTH, in order to fully TRUST ourselves.

Trusting myself was almost impossible, because of these old stories. I had to let them go and begin believing in myself, my worth and my potential. I had to replace anxiety with compassion, self-doubt with love, and fear with ACTION, taking steps every day towards goals and dreams that scare me.

I began letting go of these old stories through deep meditations, truly feeling my feelings, instead of avoiding, numbing, or running, so I could finally release them. With more clarity, I began taking consistent action. Stepping outside of my comfort zone, I saw my confidence build in relationships, in my career, and in my ability to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors, which increased the TRUST in myself. Trusting that I can live an abundant and pain-free life. I can thrive, I can enjoy, I can live free from worry, and I can trust my intuition. I can eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full. I will rest my body when I need rest and move my body the way that feels good. I can let go of control and trust that if I follow my heart I will be okay. My potential is limitless when I let go of  old stories and begin trusting myself.

It takes a lot of commitment, action, and moving through resistance, but it is much less painful than living a life full of doubt, fears, and limits (that were all a lie in the first place).

As difficult as it is to let go of the things that are no longer serving you, nothing is as painful as remaining the same.

XO Stephanie


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