I Have a “Weakness” for Ice Cream…

Do YOU feel out of control or do you have a weakness around a certain food?

Maybe it’s chips, cookies, fried food, candy, or wine…

What if you gave yourself permission to eat that food when you wanted it, without guilt?

The more you restrict a certain food, the more you’ll want it.

Without labeling a food as “bad” and without depriving yourself, in time this food will lose it’s power.

It only has power, because you’ve labeled it YOUR weakness in the first place!

I used to fear foods like bagels, granola, and ice cream, because I felt like if I ate them I would “mess up” my diet and “ruin” my chances of obtaining the perfect body, even though they were some of my favorites.

By avoiding these foods, it ultimately led me to binge on them. I wish I knew that if I just had what I wanted in the moment, I would’ve avoided binging until I was sick, which causes the very thing I was afraid of in the first place…weight gain. My weight didn’t flucuate much though, because I would over-exercise and restrict for days after, to compensate. But even though I didn’t gain a ton of weight (which isn’t the case for most people), I was torturing my body. I suffered from digestive issues, migraines, adrenal fatigue, anxiety and depression. I was stuck in a viscious cycle that was caused by these strict food rules I created and this cycle continued for years…..

This ALL could’ve been avoided by simply enjoying the foods I loved.

For me, the scariest part was not trusting myself enough to eat these foods in moderation, without triggering me to want to eat more or want to over-exercise after eating. I started by taking baby steps and as I allowed myself the flexibility to enjoy these foods when I wanted them, in time, I craved them less and less.

They lost their POWER.

Here are some tips to help you reclaim your power over your “weakness”:

  • Have a Plan: Start with baby steps by first planning out a “treat” for yourself each day or a few times a week, so you are prepared and can eat without guilt. I was much more comfortable having a plan in the beginning.
  • Cultivating Trust: After a few weeks, you’ll become more comfortable and begin trusting yourself as you realize you allowed yourself more flexibility, and you didn’t gain weight and you didn’t freak out!
  • Flexibility without a Plan: Eventually it will become easier for you to begin eating your favorite foods or “treats” without a plan in place; just allowing yourself to intuitively eat them when you want to, and move on after.
  • Awareness: Take time to reflect and see how your eating patterns and your thinking patterns surrounding food has changed. You may notice you are no longer anxious around food and you might even no longer have cravings around this certain food, since it’s no longer off limits.
  • Daily Reminders: Give yourself time, be patient and trust that you are in control, not the food!

*Some may argue against using the word “treat” or cheat meal, as foods should not be labeled as good or bad. But, I use the term to describe a food that feels like a “treat” to you and these particular foods might not be the highest in nutritional value. I allow myself to consumed them 10-15% of the time, and eat whole foods 85-90%, for long-term health and sustainability. Moderation is key, because we all know 0% keeps the restrict-binge cycle going.

So enjoy the foods you love in moderation, guilt free.

Eat it, enjoy it, move on.

Seems simple, because it is, even if it may be a little scary in the beginning.

Give it a try with practice, patience and self-trust.


XO Peace & Love, Stephanie

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