How to Eat like a “Normal” Eater

I always envied those people who eat when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full. Who can eat a slice of cake at a Birthday party without anxiety and move on when they’re done without wanting to eat 5 more slices. I used to be one of those people…before I started dieting.

Through my recovery I’ve wondered if it would ever be possible to go back to being the “normal” eater I once was.

I have found that the closer I move towards my passions and creativity, finding joy in each day by doing things that light me up and fill my soul, I move further and further away from controlling thoughts about food and my body.

This is the key to lasting change…

Connecting with myself on a deeper level, following my passions and living in joy. To me that is connecting with the ones I love, laughing with my best friends, writing and creating powerful content to connect with and help others, spending time in nature – breathing in fresh air while feeling the sun on my face, or going to my favorite yoga class feeling strong and powerful, mind and body. I find that the more I do these things that fuel my soul, I am creating higher vibrational energy. The more I live in this higher vibe state, the happier and more peaceful I feel. I wake up with an excitement for the day ahead and as I lay my head on my pillow at night and reflect back on the day, I realize that I didn’t even think about food at all. I ate when I was hungry and went about my day.

How powerful is that.

Find a hobby that lights you up, that fuels your passions or makes your heart happy. Whether it’s art, writing, taking a dance or cooking class, hiking, kayaking, mentoring, volunteering, etc. The more you plan things that you are waking up excited about, the less food will be on your mind.

Comment below on what hobbies light you up………..


XO Joy & Happiness – Stephanie

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