Hey Nursing Mamas: Top Foods to Boost Milk Supply

When I’m feeling a little under the whether, I notice a dip in my milk supply.

I’ve done a lot of research and have tried different foods and supplements to see if it’ll have an impact.

Below are a few top foods listed that I incorporated into my diet to potentially help boost supply:

Fenugreek: I never took the supplement, but I did drink Mother’s Milk tea three times a day for about a month and didn’t see much of a difference.

Green leafy vegetables: Spinach is my fav! Great source of calcium, iron and folate.

Garlic: Said to boost the immune system.

Sesame seeds: A non-dairy source of calcium.

Oatmeal: Rich in fiber and recommended by nutritionists to boost milk supply. Usually after eating oats for breakfast, I get an ounce extra in my second pump of the day (this could be due to it being mid-morning, when supply is higher, but I still love my oats either way!)

Brown rice: It is known to stimulate hormones responsible for milk production.

Salmon: Rich in fatty acids. Omega-3 helps lactation boosting hormones to help produce more milk.

Green tea: For antioxidants. I drink two cups per day, especially during flu season.

Almonds: Called a “superfood”, high in vitamin E and omega 3s. I keep almonds by my bed side and eat a large handful before bed or if needed while nursing in the middle of the night.

Water: Hydrating properly is essential (I’ve been sucking at this lately, but working on it!)

Other foods on the list of top foods that I eat often: Carrots, asparagus, sweet potato, beets, flax seeds and lentils.

I’ve also tried a bunch of different Legendairy Milk supplements on and off (Pump Princess, Milkapalooza, Liquid Gold and Lactivist) and will sometimes see a slight increase in ounces pumped, but it’s very inconsistent. Lactivist did seem to make my milk a bit fattier, but tastes horrible!

I also bought brewers yeast to make lactation cookies, so stay tuned for recipe and a review!

Does anyone else have additional recommendations not listed? Comment below!

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