Getting Over Your Fear of Ditching Diets

Many of my clients have a fear of giving up dieting. I know it can be scary letting go of a structured plan, rigid rules, and a safety net, thinking you don’t trust yourself and you’re going to gain a ton of weight. Dieting is your crutch.

Holding onto the idea that this diet will be the one that’ll finally work for you, gives you hope. The thought of letting go might give you an uneasy feeling, like you’re jumping off a cliff without a bungee cord.

I’ve been there, trust me! But if you’re at the point where you’re ready to take a leap of faith, ditch diets, and make peace with food, once and for all

Here is what I have learned from letting go of dieting and what I want you to know:

What giving up dieting DOESN’T mean…..

Giving up dieting doesn’t mean you are letting yourself go. I still love exercise, eating loads of vegetables, and feeling healthy and strong, but my focus isn’t trying to manipulate my size, burn as many calories as possible and eat in a strict way. I love muscle and being fit, but I also love living a balanced lifestyle with a healthy relationship with food. It’s all about creating a sustainable lifestyle and being the healthiest YOU – MIND and BODY!

Giving up dieting doesn’t mean you have to wing it. I still prepare, meal prep, pack my lunches for work and bring snacks with me wherever I go. But what I don’t do, is limit myself to only what I packed if I am extra hungry one day or want a different snack. That is the power of flexibility and listening to your body.

Giving up dieting doesn’t mean you can’t reach your goals. If you have a fitness goal, health goal, or want to lose weight, giving up dieting doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish what you set out to do. It’s about finding a healthy balance to achieving your goal that is sustainable long-term, because if you are dieting hard for weeks or months trying to lose weight, you are more than likely going to gain it all back due to restriction and rigidity.

What giving up dieting DOES mean…..

Giving up dieting does mean you’ll no longer be consumed with food thoughts and feel anxious around food, since you aren’t restricting, labeling foods as good or bad, or driving yourself crazy trying to be “perfect”.

Giving up dieting does mean you won’t be missing out on precious life moments. You can go out to dinner with your family, you can eat birthday cake at a party and you can ENJOY your life, without isolating yourself, worrying about a strict plan you MUST follow.

Giving up dieting does mean you’ll be relying on your intuition, not willpower. Once you stop dieting, you are able to be more present, mindful, follow your body cues, and trust in yourself and your body, allowing you to live more in flow, with less control.

Trust me, it took me a long time to get comfortable with letting go of dieting. I can’t tell you how many times I deleted then re-downloaded food tracking apps on my phone, scared to completely let go…

But in time, it does get easier! I am living proof. I no longer feel anxious around food and it no longer consumes my mind, something I never thought possible.

Loosen the strings, let go, and LIVE!


XO Stephanie

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