Future Fears & Learning to Surrender

I have many worries and fears that come up from time to time and I’ve learned that when I surrender, acknowledging them with awareness and compassion, understanding why they are present, I am able to then let them go, without giving them any power.

I have a fear that the peace, calm and happiness I have felt these past few months is only temporary.

I fear childbirth, even though I’ve done it before.

I fear postpartum depression, sleepless nights, feeling overwhelmed and unprepared for a newborn.

I fear that when I am no longer pregnant, I’ll feel the pressure of losing the baby weight as fast as possible.

I fear seasonal depression as the winter months are fast approaching.

I fear not being able to balance it all, as a mom of two, being a wife with a career, and still following my passions.

I fear my marriage will suffer with the stress of a newborn.

I fear my anxiety will creep back in and be unmanageable.

I fear I will lose myself again and forget important self-care practices and doing things that bring me a lot of peace & joy, like exercise, meditation, and writing – due to lack of time for myself.

I fear change.

I fear the unknown.

I acknowledge my fears, express them openly, and surrender.

By surrendering to my fears, I can let them go. Which doesn’t mean I will be worry or stress-free, but I am not giving these fears as much power.

I trust that I am stronger than my past.

I trust that I am meant to be the Mom to my baby girl for a reason.

I trust that with the changes coming, everything will work out as it’s meant to.

I trust that old self-sabotaging behaviors and thoughts will not hold any power over my strength and new-found confidence in myself to overcome them.

I trust that if I stay present, aware and focus on the good, I’ll be okay.


XO Peace & Love, Stephanie

One thought on “Future Fears & Learning to Surrender

  1. Bless you – this is all so familiar to me even though my babies are now 14 and 10. I know it is hard but I love that you are trying not to surrender to the fears. Remember that are stronger that you might sometimes believe yourself to be a d don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it when baby comes x

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