Follow Through

Do you have trouble with follow through?

Following through with goals you set for yourself?

Following through with completing tasks on your to-do list?

Following through with things you say you’re going to do?

4 weeks into a new decade, I am sure there are some of you who have already derailed from New Year’s resolutions or maybe you had the best intention to make a change, but haven’t began to take the steps towards change.

Here are my best tips to help you follow through:

Your intention must be strong enough to resonate with you on a deeper level.

Do you want to lose weight because you feel fat and don’t like the reflection in the mirror, or do you want to lose weight to feel better, improve your health and increase energy. Take it from me, losing weight and being lean won’t bring you happiness, but eating whole foods and moving your body each day will certainly help you feel better, function optimally and allow your body to naturally fall to a weight that is sustainable and healthy for you. A simple switch in perspective can make all the difference in your success with staying on track.

Send your intention out to the Universe.

Verbalizing your intention may help keep you more accountable rather than keeping it to yourself. It’s really not about others or disappointing others, but it’s an extra push even if you just tell one person or express it out-loud daily to yourself. I am a firm believer that the Universe is always there to guide you.

Thoughts become things.

Speak it to receive it.

Start small and take it day by day.

Small changes made every day can make a big impact and is more sustainable long term. Like adding more vegetables to your plate, walking an extra 10 minutes per day, or committing to one Yoga class a week. Taking it day by day instead of looking at the bigger picture will also allow you to stay consistent without feeling overwhelmed.

Reward yourself for progress made.

By reward, I don’t mean a “cheat meal”, but rather something that will add to your health and well-being. Commit to 30 days of a consistent habit and treat yourself to a professional massage, mani/pedi, or weekend getaway!

Come up with a maintenance plan.

This is a really important one! The key to maintaining progress is to first make sure whatever changes you are implementing are sustainable long term. In addition, don’t let an end-date derail you. Perhaps you are following a 30 day program – on day 31, in order to make sure you don’t fall back to old patterns, you must have a maintenance plan in place or at least a new goal to focus on.

Create a network of support for accountability.

Support is KEY! Whether it be a family member, friend or group support like the Move-it Mama Tribe, make sure you have someone in your corner who will encourage you, motivate you, and hold you accountable when you need it. And even better, finding someone who truly understands what you are going through and is on the very same journey can really make the greatest impact on your success!

Hold your Vision on tough days.

Before you set out on a new goal, grab a journal and answer the following questions:

  • Who would you be without limiting beliefs, fear or self-doubt?
  • What do you want to accomplish in the next week, next 30 days, and 6 months from now?
  • What do you want your life to look like one year from now?
  • What is your WHY? WHY is this goal or intention important to you?

Now, envision yourself being that person! Who you truly are, free from self-doubt, sabotaging behaviors, and shit that’s been weighing you down.

Remain focused on your WHY.

Then create a vision statement and read it daily. Here is mine…

My name is Stephanie and I am healing my body and soul from the inside out. I am an energetic beam of light – Abundant, Worthy, Loving, Helpful and am inspiring others to find their way too, just by staying authentic and sharing my journey. My body is meant to feel THIS AMAZING and function at it’s best. The sky is the limit!

Now go crush some goals. I believe in YOU!

XO Stephanie

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