Confession – I gained weight.


I have gained 5 lbs since I stopped breastfeeding.

Burning those extra 500 calories per day allowed me to be extra flexible with my diet and enjoy late night snacks. To be honest, I haven’t really changed my diet at all since I weaned my daughter. My husband encouraged me to not cut out anything, but listen to my hunger cues. In his words, “You could use a little extra meat.” Of course there’s moments where I feel a little more full, pants are tighter, and I think about maybe tracking macros again, setting a physique goal for myself, or pushing harder in the gym etc. I know how to lose weight and lose it fast, but that’s really not what’s important.

What’s more important right now is using the Winter months as a time for healing. I am working on resolving gut issues, managing anxiety and insomnia, and getting my cycle back at the moment. Those are my priorities. Not my body aesthetics. I feel strong these days lifting at most 20 lb dumbbells and focusing more on my Yoga practice. It’s more important to me right now that my mind is strong over my biceps.

So if you’re feeling a little fluffy after the holiday or not loving your postpartum body, remember that you can set a goal and accomplish anything that’s important to you, but it’s also okay if there are other priorities for you at the moment. Just be kind and patient with yourself as you work with the Seasons ♥️

Do you have health intentions for 2020? Comment below!

XO Stephanie

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