Change the Course of Your Day: You Have the Power

In every moment of each day, you have the power to choose, change the course of your day, and either lead from an intuitive soulful place, or from a negative thought provoking place, based on external circumstances.

Many times I have felt stuck, getting caught up in negative self-talk, self-sabotage, and feeling sorry for myself. The more I remain in this lower vibrational state, the worse I feel and it can become a vicious cycle. As of late, I’ve been having insomnia, dull headaches, feeling in a fog, emotionally eating and not taking care of myself, as much as I should. To get myself out of a slump, I always come back to myself and my meditation practice. This is where I can connect to my intuition and let the Divine guide me to what it is I truly need right now. I can choose to allow my circumstances and this slump I’m in to continue or I can choose to look within for guidance, connection, and wisdom, to bust through this block, in this moment.

It takes a LOT of commitment, but making meditation and connected to source a priority has truly changed me. I am far from perfect and still fall off the wagon sometimes, but I always come back home. When I am consistent with my meditation practice, my energy is different, my vibration is higher, I am showing up with a clearer vision, instead of a brain fog, I sleep better, and eat better. I love more, give me, and my creative juices flow!

It’s easy to get stuck searching for answers from external sources, and in some circumstances you will need help from others. But moment-to-moment in each day, the answers will always be found WITHIN. Close your eyes, breath, connect, be patient, be consistent and the answers you’ve been searching for will flow through. Stay connected to yourself. Make a choice to give your body what it needs, to feel truly fulfilled, whole, and at peace.

Be still, listen, and ask the Divine for guidance.

Choose love.

Choose joy.

Choose abundance.

Choose to nourish.

Choose to fuel your soul, not your ego.

Choose to feel, without numbing, escaping, or running.

Choose to come home.


XOXO Stephanie

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