A Simple Shift In Your Mindset & A Little Sunshine

Last night I had insomnia, was restless, couldn’t sleep, and had racing thoughts. I started to get upset that tomorrow I would be too tired to go to Yoga in the morning and enjoy the beautiful 70 degree sunny day we had planned. I started to get angry that I couldn’t fall asleep which increased my anxiety and restlessness even more.

In the morning I woke up and was tired, since I only got about 5 hours of sleep. As I was sitting in bed nursing my daughter at 6:00 a.m., the sun began shining through the window towards us. As I felt the sun on my face I took a deep breath in and said to my husband…

With each new day brings a blank slate.

A chance to experience, explore, learn and grow.

A chance to connect with the ones you love.

More memories to make…

Joy, laughter, and in today’s case, lots of sunshine!

My husband grabbed my hand and said AMEN.

Although I was still tired, I jumped out of bed and said, “I am going to Yoga!”

I am going to enjoy this beautiful day the best I can and will get an amazing nights rest tonight.

With those positive affirmations and positive outlook, I was able to shift my entire mood and perspective. So simple yet so powerful, and not always easy.

And now I get to enjoy the most perfect day I would’ve otherwise missed out on due to my own negative thoughts.

Stay sunny….XO.


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  1. Dear Stephanie, May you keep filling your blank slate with colourful and richful experiences everyday. Take care dear. Nice write-up. I too do yoga…….I love it. kudos to yoga sessions…..bye

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