A Powerful Mindset Shift: From Weight Focused to Health Focused

If you are someone who is focusing on the scale, wanting to lose weight, change your body, fit into a certain jean size and are waking up looking in the mirror focusing on your flaws and thinking, “I need to cut out carbs today”, I have a simple, yet powerful mindset shift for you to try.

What if, instead of focusing so much on your body and your weight, you begin focusing on your HEALTH?

When you wake up in the morning, instead of thinking of what diet you’ll follow today, think of how you can fuel and nourish your body to feel its best?!

Instead of focusing on the foods you CAN’T eat, focus on foods that you CAN eat, because they will make you healthier, stronger, more vibrant and energetic.

Let go of the restrictive dieter’s mentality and beating yourself up if you can’t stick to a certain diet plan. Stop focusing on your flaws and what you wish you looked like.

Focus on your strengths and set a goal to FEEL amazing in your body. Cut out fried foods and processed foods filled with chemicals and toxins, not because of the excess calories, but because your body won’t function at it’s best. Drink lots of water and load up on vegetables and whole foods that nourish you, give you the energy you need, clear your skin, help with digestion, and even fight diseases!

Now this doesn’t mean you can’t eat the occasional burger and fries. Of course you can! But you’ll choose to eat it because it feels good for you that day, without guilt. By shifting your mindset away from your body size, you can eat and move on with your day, without thinking you’re now going to gain weight, because you ate a burger.

If you can let go of the dieters mentality and eat for health (and happiness), instead of changing the number on the scale, you may even begin to notice that you naturally lose weight (if you have weight to lose).

So, if you are someone who is waking up each day focusing on your body, desperate to lose weight, try shifting your focus to:

“How can I nourish my body today?”

“What can I eat to feel my best?”

“How can I move my body in a way that feels good?”

“What can I do today, that will allow me to wake up feeling amazing tomorrow?”

With this powerful mindset shift, it will be easier to make better, more mindful decisions for yourself.


XO Stephanie

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