A Letter to My Body

Dear Body,

I have abused you, punished you, pushed you beyond your limits, starved you from proper nutrients, tried to change and manipulate you, fight you and criticize you, when all you have ever done is support me, and have never let me down.

I starved you for months, even though you were screaming to be fed. I ignored your call for help, even when you were giving me so many signs.

Then, I would stuff you so full, until you were sick, and couldn’t function properly. The next day I pushed you hard with hours of exercise to compensate. Yet, you still always bounced back and were there for me, hanging on strong.

I have tried extremely hard to love and nourish you these past six months. I have given you proper rest and stopped restricting you from the nutrients you deserve. Even after abusing you to the point of imbalancing hormones, you still have allowed my precious embryo to attach to you and have supported her growth for the past 14 weeks.

I understand if you don’t trust me, because I have hurt you so much in the past, but I want you to know it was never my intention to cause you pain.

I was trying to control you in order to seek attention and approval. I was searching for happiness and thought by manipulating you, I would feel more loved. I know now that true happiness doesn’t come from the physical body. It comes from within.

I promise to continue to love you unconditionally and feed you the way you deserve to be fed. I will try my best to listen to you and will only talk about you positively. I hope you can learn to trust me. I am so thankful you have always stayed strong for me, after all I have put you through.

Love, Stephanie


Dear Stephanie,

I have always stayed strong for you, because I knew you needed the support and I know your intention was never to hurt me. I love that you have been nourishing me recently with delicious whole foods and moving me in a way that feels good. I feel amazing when you practice yoga and I am loving my flexibility.

It’s okay to point out my flaws, but continue to love and accept me for my natural beauty, strength and imperfections. The stretch marks on my sides and inner thighs are reminders of the first miracle we brought into this world, your Son, Tyler.

The lines next to my eyes and on my forehead are from laughing and enjoying the beautiful sunshine.

My growing belly and extra body fat is a reminder that we have a beautiful, healthy baby growing inside of us, another precious miracle.

Please try your best to let go of control and food rules and continue loving me and feeding me yummy nourishing food. I am full of energy when you do.

We can get through anything together as long as we continue to stay connected to eachother. Listen, communicate, and love. I’m here for you always.

Love, Your Body


2 thoughts on “A Letter to My Body

  1. Wow… that’s brilliant. Accepting your body, giving it a break from rigid rules and controlling when needed….you are on a good journey of self-discovery…and all this will be understood by the miracle inside you. May you continue to feel this beautiful connection with your mind, body, soul and the wonderful miracle inside of you. Stay blessed and joyful!! Love and hugs🙋

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